We believe that outcome measures can be used to improve care. They should not be used as simply another process-driven management tool; instead, at every level of the system there should be a proactive, engaged and thoughtful consideration of what the data tells us. Our work in this area includes:

  • Working with organisations to link what they do (the services they provide) with what they want to achieve (outcomes) so they can meet the needs of the local population
  • Using information from outcome and feedback measures to improve individual support for children and young people, whole services and commissioning
  • Supporting service providers to implement best practice standards in the use of outcome measures
  • Enabling organisations to embed reviewing and reporting outcomes data as a standard part of service management and continuous improvement
  • Supporting publicly-funded, voluntary and education organisations to measure the impact of the mental health and wellbeing support they provide
  • Presenting data and information on outcomes in a meaningful and engaging way for different audiences including service users, practitioners and commissioners

CORC’s team of experts in outcome and feedback measurement can provide tailored support in any of these areas, recognising that the needs of each organisation will vary. We have also developed a Best Practice Framework - a set of standards, self-assessment tools and guidance which can help organisations improve the support they offer and demonstrate the impact of it.

Full CORC members are entitled to choose between one day of bespoke on-site support per year and support to complete the CORC Best Practice Framework Self-Assessment tool. For other levels of membership and non-members, CORC charges a fee to use these services. If you would like to find out more about how CORC can support you, please contact us.

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