What is CODE?

CODE is a Microsoft Access database provided free of charge for not-for-profit work. It collects data in the CORC+ format. The program cannot be modified, copied or distributed.

The program comes with absolutely no warranty, support and maintenance.

CODE is only for scoring paper version of questionnaires. It is unwise to leave respondents unsupervised to fill in the questionnaires directly into the computer. The program does not have the security features necessary to ensure that one respondent cannot see another respondent’s answers.

Versions of CODE

The latest version of the CODE application is version 5.005. It is important that you are running this version and, if not, to download and install the latest version from this page. You may have received a message that your version of the CODE Application is out of date. If so then you should proceed directly to the steps below. Alternatively, to check which version you are currently running, launch the CODE Application from your computer, login and select Help|About. The front-end version number is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If the version is lower than version 5.005 then you should proceed to the following steps.

Important when upgrading from version 5.003 to version 5.005: You must have a full version of MS Access (not run-time version) installed in order to upgrade from Version 5.003 to Version 5.005. This is because the upgrade process needs to amend the underlying table structure, which the run-time version of Access does not allow.

If you are upgrading from Version 5.003 of the system to version 5.005 then you MUST follow these instructions prior to installing the new version:

1) Ensure ALL users are logged-out of the CODE Application. 

2) Take a backup of the back-end data file (named by default CODE_Back_End.mdb). It is imperative that a backup is taken since Version 5.005 of CODE will amend the back-end data structure and, should there be any issues, you will need to be able to roll-back to the earlier version. 

3) In Microsoft Access, you MUST ensure that macro settings are set to 'Enable all macros'. In Access 2007 or higher, this can be found in File|Options|Trust Center|Trust Center Settings|Macro Settings. In Access 2003 go to Tools|Macro|Security and allow macros to run.

To Upgrade

  1. Close the CODE Application on your computer.
  2. Download "Front_End.zip" by clicking on the following link: Click here to download the Front-End
  3. Extract CODE_Front_End.mde from the downloaded zip file and copy CODE_Front_End.mde to the application folder on your computer. You should overwrite the existing file.

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