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Our Mission Statement

CORC aims to foster the effective and routine use of outcome measures in work with children and young people (and their families and carers) who experience mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties. It aims to do this through collaboration with its members, academic consultants, and learning partners; sharing ideas and good practice in order to:

  • Develop usable and effective models of routine outcome measurement
  • Promote and encourage the use of routine outcome measurement as an integrated part of any organisation working with child mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Develop ways to meaningfully interpret the outcomes data
  • Use outcomes data to encourage learning and improve practice in work with the individual child, young person, their family and carers. As well as to encourage learning and improve practice at the level of: practitioner, team, organisation, and policy.

Aims of CORC

  • To develop and support the dissemination of a model of routine evaluation of outcome that can be used across a range of services
  • To help put in place systems to allow the data obtained to inform service providers, commissioners, users and other relevant stakeholders within all collaborating service sites
  • To collate the data from all CORC members (appropriately anonymised), in order that this can be analysed centrally and the results shared within service area
  • To collaborate in using outcome information to inform and develop good practice