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CORC Members

CORC members are practitioners from across the statutory and voluntary sectors, service managers, organisational leads and education professionals who work in a school or mental health service which has signed up for its staff to join the CORC membership network. All members are entitled to advice and support on choosing, working with and understanding the data from outcome and feedback measures, as well as access to member events, online materials such as training videos and guidance, and reduced rates for training.

Current members

Clinician, therapist, psychiatrist

As a practitioner you may or may not belong to a CORC Member organisation but either way you're interacting regularly with children and young people using mental health services. You may already use outcome measures as part of your work and are looking for further information on how to interpret the responses and adjust your practice accordingly. Alternatively, you may be just beginning your outcome measurement journey and be looking for basic information on what they are, why to use them, which ones to use for what and how to introduce them into therapy.

Is your organisation a CORC Member?

Service Manager, Clinical Director, Data Manager

As Service Manager, Clinical Director or Outcomes Lead, you have responsibility for embedding the use of outcome and feedback measures in your organisation. You are interested in information on best practice, how to implement routine outcome measurement as well as analyse, and interpret the data and how to demonstrate your impact with commissioners and service users alike.

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As an education professional working in schools you are using a broad range of approaches to support the mental wellbeing and resilience of pupils. You are interested in understanding in the Wellbeing Measurement Framework as a measure for assessing children's emotional wellbeing, mental health issues, coping strategies and risk and resilience. You may also be interested in other 'tools' and attending some our learning events.

For Schools

Young Person, Parent or Carer

As someone whose therapist has talked about an outcome measure or worked through a questionnaire with you on how you're feeling and functioning, you want to know more about these 'tools'. Alternatively, you may be the parent or carer of a child and young person attending a mental health service. Either way, you want to understand why outcome measures are used, what the information is used for and by whom. Most importantly, you want to know how they can help you or those in your care.

CORC Vision, Mission and Values

Researcher, student

Interested in delving deeper into data collected from routine outcome measurement, you are interested in the latest findings from CORC's analysis of outcome and feedback data from child and young person mental health services. You may also wish to access the CORC dataset for your own research in the field of child and adolescent mental health