Schools and colleges are using a broad range of approaches to support the mental wellbeing and resilience. However not all feel equipped to assess the particular priorities for their pupils, to identify those pupils who require more support, or to evaluate whether the approaches they invest in are having the intended impact.

Below are details of a number of ways in which CORC works with schools and their staff members to effectively measure and monitor children and young people's mental health and wellbeing. For further information about how CORC can support you. Please contact us at or on 020 7443 2225.

CORC for Schools Membership

Individual or clusters of schools can sign up for CORC membership and receive a number of benefits including:

  • Tools for evaluation of mental health and wellbeing interventions, including comparison of findings with attendance and attainment data
  • Dedicated support and training on how to interpret findings and use them to shape child-centred support
  • Invitations to national and regional learning events and the opportunity to share with a network of mental health providers, schools, service user groups and researchers

Measuring Wellbeing in Schools

Working with our colleagues at the Evidence Based Practice Unit, we are now able to support to schools and colleges to measure wellbeing using the Wellbeing Measurement Framework (WMF), a set of validated measures assessing children's emotional wellbeing, mental health issues, coping strategies and risk and resilience factors.  

Starting in the 2018/19 academic year, we will be supporting schools and colleges to use the WMF via a secure, online survey. Those signed up to Schools in Mind (a free network) will be able to access reports analysing their survey responses at a cost of £300 per school.  

The feedback reports will provide evidence of strengths and challenges, and help schools and colleges plan support; over cumulative years it will be possible to see change over time, and gauge the impact of support being provided.

We will hold a webinar on March 7th 2018 for any interested schools  to answer any queries and agree processes for signing up for implementation.  In the meantime if you have questions about this offer please email

We also encourage you to sign up to the free Schools in Mind network as we will be sending out further details and information via this network along with other materials relevant so supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools.

Resources for schools

Wellbeing Measurement Framework Sets of questionnaires selected to measure key aspects of wellbeing and resilience for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.
Measuring and Monitoring Children and Young People's Mental Health A 30 minute training video for schools on how to measure wellbeing and evaluate interventions.
E-learning: Measuring mental wellbeing to improve the lives of children and young people A free, interactive introduction, just 45 minutes and 7 easy steps to get you started, suitable for non-specialist and school staff who support the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.
Measuring the Mental Wellbeing of Children and Young People in Education A brief information booklet introducing wellbeing measurement in schools
Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit for Schools A detailed guide, including information about a range of validated mental health wellbeing questionnaires and case studies. Produced by Public Health England, the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and CORC.


HeadStart Learning Team

HeadStart is a major programme funded by Big Lottery, which involves six local authority partnerships across England trialing a broad range of initiatives for improving resilience in children and young people aged 10-16, who may be facing challenges to their emotional wellbeing.

CORC is part of a learning team contracted by Big Lottery Fund alongside the partnerships to help evaluate impact of the programme and learn as they go along. The learning is led by the Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU), a partnership of UCL and Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, and includes University of Manchester, London School for Economics and Common Room.

The learning team will help evaluate impact and implementation by the following methods:

  • Every year children from schools across the partnership areas will complete the school wellbeing measurement framework about their feelings and friendships. This is collated with information about what help they have received and how much it cost.
  • Interviews are carried out with some children to learn more about their experience in detail.
  • Particular ways of helping that are being used across several difference areas (e.g. peer mentoring) are being looked at in more detail to see if one way of providing the approach is more helpful than another.

Wellbeing Measurement Framework

A set of questionnaires which can be used to measure wellbeing and resilience in children and young people. 

Access the Frameworks for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges here.

Interactions with CORC have been useful and helpful - clear discussion and support in thinking about what it is I am trying to do

School intervention coordinator, Leeds

Measuring mental wellbeing to improve the lives of children and young people

Free interactive eLearning module aiming to increase the awareness, understanding and confidence of non-specialist school staff.
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