We need your feedback on outcome measures you use with 18-25 year old mental health service users

Let us know what outcome measures you are using to evaluate and improve your services! 

Little is currently known about the use of outcome measures with young people aged between 18 and 25. We are exploring this area in order to advise NHS England and NHS Improvement to inform the outcome metric that is part of the Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS). CORC is looking to talk to practitioners about the outcome measures they use to track young adults’ outcomes and to evaluate their services (e.g. HoNoS, GAD-7, etc).

Would you like to give feedback on the outcome measures you use? Then get in touch with CORC if you are:

  • A professional working in mental health services

  • Working (or have worked) with young adults aged 18 to 25

  • And use outcome measures to evaluate and improve your services

Your feedback will help to create case studies that will be used to inform our advice to NHS England and NHS Improvement.

There are two ways you can provide feedback:

  1. You can fill out a quick survey (see the link below). The survey closes February 10th. 

  2. and/or you can have a chat with us via email corc@annafreud.org or call +44 (0)20 7443 2225. 

Fill out the survey now