CORC offer for Commissioners: towards effective outcome-based commissioning

NHS England are currently testing how to monitor outcomes for Children and Young People across mental health services by using the following metric:

“Of all CYP, aged 0-18, discharged after treatment from a CYP MH Service, how many show measurable improvement”

Services’ outcome data is due to be made publicly available in 2020 and we are aware that not all commissioners have had space or support to consider what this means for them. 

Here at CORC we’re really keen that this should be an opportunity to support outcome-focussed commissioning in child and youth mental health, and would be happy to speak to you about how your data looks locally and discuss any questions you may not yet have had a chance to address. For example:

  • How does the new outcome metric work?

  • What does the data say about services in your area?

  • How might you talk about the data with partners and the public?

  • What improvements could strengthen the quality of the data?

  • Can we dive deeper into this data at a local level?

The Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC has been informing the national agenda on outcome measurement for many years, for example informing the development of CYP IAPT and the Mental Health Services Dataset. We have decades of experience in the meaningful collection, analysis and interpretation of outcome data.

We are happy to arrange a (free) 30 – 45 minute phone call with one of our Outcome Measurement experts to talk through ANY questions / concerns you may be having about the NHS England metric at this point. We hope this call would help you to think through the interpretation of the information received via the NHS Digital output, and consider any next steps for you and your services to ensure this information is used in the most meaningful way between partners locally, and as a continuous improvement tool.

If this is something which are interested in taking advantage of, please do get in touch with us by either responding directly to this email, messaging the CORC inbox ( or calling our head office on 020 7443 2225.