The CORE outcome measure (CORE-10) is a session by session monitoring tool with items covering anxiety, depression, trauma, physical problems, functioning and risk to self. The measure has six high intensity/ severity and four low intensity/ severity items.

The Young Person's CORE (YP-CORE) is a ten item measure designed for use with the 11-16 years age range. 


CORE measurement tools are available from CORE IMS (Information Management Systems).

Further information

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Twigg, E., Cooper, M., Evans, C., Freire, E., Mellor-Clark, J., McInnes, B. & Barkham, M. (2016). Acceptability, reliability, referential distributions and sensitivity to change in the Young Person's Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation (YP-CORE) outcome measure: replication and refinement. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 21 (2), 115-123.

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