The CORC recommendations for using outcome measures is underpinned by the organisation’s vision for all children and young people’s wellbeing to be informed by real-world evidence so that every child thrives.

These recommendations aim to support practitioners to choose and use outcome measures, providing recommendations on best practice to enable more effective, child-centred support, services and systems. They are drawn from CORC’s experience in bringing together theoretical knowledge on outcome measurement and relating this to the insights of practitioners working with children and young people on the ground.

The guide includes:

  • an overview of what outcome measures are and their application in a child mental health context
  • general information about access and charges for outcome measures
  • an explanation on why outcome measures should be used in child mental health
  • support for practitioners to choose outcome measures, introduce them in work with children and young people and analyse the data collected

Information about individual measures can be found on our Outcome and Experience Measures pages, including details of their psychometric properties (the extent to which an outcome measures is valid and reliable), scoring and interpretation and terms of use. References to further information and the relevant research are also provided.

For organisations and mental health professionals looking for further support, CORC provides a range of training courses to improve expertise in using outcome measures and outcome data to improve the services provided for children and young people.