CORC have developed the following videos to be used in training on the use questionnaire outcome measures used in CORC+ and CYP IAPT. They are not intended to present perfect practice but rather to stimulate discussion. How might you do it differently or better? The scenarios are based on real clinical examples although the young people are played by actors in the videos. Copyright is owned by CORC and the therapists jointly who all give permission for the videos to be used in non-commercial training and CPD events.

Introducing measures

  • Introducing measures (example of Goals and RCADS with a young person with eating difficulties; introducing the measures, using the tools to find other information that might not have emerged from the clinical discussion and explaining what the measures are used for)
  • Introducing measures and selecting symptom trackers (example of introducing Goals and RCADS and selecting symptom tracking measures with a young person with difficulties with mood)

Choosing measures

Scoring/completing measures with young people

Discussing measures with young people and others

Reviewing progress

Using measures in supervision