We aim to understand the extent to which children and young people’s care is helping them and how real-world evidence can support and improve child and youth mental health services. Once collected, we analyse data to assess the impact of using outcome measures, the effectiveness and efficiency of services and to answer key research questions. Our work in this area comprises:

  • Analysing members’ data and reporting to them on the findings.
  • Evaluating mental health, wellbeing and other interventions.
  • Carrying out analysis using the CORC and other data sets to measure effectiveness, test hypotheses and discover new findings in order to generate evidence to underpin care.
  • Collaborating with members and partners to conduct research.

1. CORC Research and Evaluation Consulting

We have a great track record of working on large-scale evaluations and are currently involved in one looking at new service specifications and models in Forensic CAMHS and the Secure Estate. CORC led on analysis of the national Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (CYP IAPT) data collection and analysis and has advised NHSE on the development of the minimum dataset and outcome metric. We also provide schools with analysis of their pupils’ wellbeing on a large scale.

We currently hold data relating to mental health and wellbeing outcomes of more than 400,000 children and young people in the UK, representing the largest data set of this kind worldwide. We work closely with service providers and academic institutions, including the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, University College London and the University of Manchester.

You can draw on our expertise via one of the following packages below.

Our CORC Research and Evaluation Consultants are world-leading experts in research and evaluation and would be delighted to work with you to understand your bespoke needs. Our end-to-end, bespoke support includes:

  1. Working with you to understand the questions you want answered
  2. Developing logic models to unpick the processes driving your work
  3. Advising and feeding back suitable evaluation approaches
  4. Considering quotes for evaluations and discussing how these can be tailored to your resources and needs
  5. Conducting evaluations drawing on over a decade’s experience

If you would like to speak to an advisor and discuss working with one of our CORC Consultants email us on CORCconsulting@annafreud.org, tel.: 020 7443 2225


2. CORC for Commissioners Consulting

CORC has experience working with commissioners to build well-balanced systems delivering effectiveness, efficiency and a person-centred experience. Our frameworks offer support and guidance on various aspects of outcome-based commissioning and the delivery of excellent services. 

CORC can work with you to:

  • Produce an outcome framework that clearly defines a set of shared outcomes, by facilitating discussions with key stakeholders and service users, and drawing on our knowledge of the latest research and best practice
  • Develop a measurement framework capturing how effectiveness, efficiency and experience will be monitored to secure outcomes. How data for each measure will be captured, analysed and presented
  • Build these outcome and measurement frameworks into commissioning activity
  • Writing fit-for-purpose specifications and contracts

We believe that successful decisions are grounded in real-world evidence. Our support aims to equip commissioners to make informed decisions, to deliver the right services, at the right time, and to get the best impact and value for children, young people and families. Our expertise is in using complex, flawed information – be it outcome measures, feedback, or service delivery data – to improve support for children, young people and families. To discuss how we can support you, please contact us at corc@annafreud.org or via phone +44 (0)20 7443 2225.

21 Nov 2019

CORC Members Forum November 2019

Registration is now open for this year's CORC Members Forum on 21st November 2019. CORC Forums bring together members and non-members from a wide range of service, research, commissioning and policy contexts across child and youth services, including both professionals and interested service users.

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To discuss how we can support you, please contact us at corc@annafreud.org or via phone +44 (0)20 7443 2225