In collaboration with the Evidence Based Practice Unit, we offer Wellbeing Measurement for Schools, a comprehensive approach that allows schools to understand areas of strength and challenge for their pupils and staff. The approach is suitable for primary and secondary schools, with age-appropriate surveys for children from Year 4 to Year 11 as well as staff survey. 

The Wellbeing Measurement for Schools Approach:

As well as being a service offer to schools, this approach is part of a research project overseen by UCL. The research will develop understanding of the relationship between contextual factors and wellbeing and will enable the needs within populations and communities to be better understood and support more effectively planned. Findings will be published and shared with participating schools.

How do we measure pupil wellbeing?

Our online Wellbeing Measurement Survey consists of a set of validated measures assessing your pupils’:

  • Mental health and wellbeing (emotional difficulties, behavioural difficulties)

  • Emotional strengths and skills (life satisfaction, empathy, self-esteem, problem solving, goal setting, participation in home and school, participation in community)

  • Support networks (peer support, school support, family support, wider support)

The survey takes 15 - 20 minutes. Pupils are free to skip questions that they do not want to answer. We follow an opt-out consent process. If parents/carers don't want their children to participate, they have to provide opt-out consent to your school. 

Click here to see Pupil Survey

We also have a great case study that tells you more about how to get a good response rate from your pupils when using surveys to measure wellbeing in schools:

Read the case study here

How do we measure staff wellbeing?

The online staff survey uses validated tools to understand how staff are feeling. It asks questions about the ability and capacity of staff to support the children and young people in the school and explores aspects of school culture which may be affecting staff wellbeing. 

Your school report enables you to compare your staff team with others, helping you to better understand your team and identify strengths and challenges. The report is clear and easy to understand, ready to be shared with governors and staff. 

The Staff Survey can be completed alongside the Pupil Survey or on its own. 

For further information:

Download our Staff Survey Brochure

What do schools need to do to implement WMfS?

For pupils:

1. Inform parents about the survey - This project uses an opt-out model of consent from parents/carers. Your school must distribute hard copies or email our Parent Information Sheet to all parents and carers of the pupils in the participating year groups. Please give at least 3 weeks from when you distribute the Parent Information Sheet for parents to respond to the survey. After reading the Parent Information Sheet, parent/carers who are happy for their child to take part in the survey, do not need to do anything. Pupils whose parents opt-out of the survey cannot take part. Details of these pupils must not be shared with CORC.

2. Share pupil information with us - schools need to provide contextual data about the pupils who are taking part – we provide a template with instructions for this and schools transfer this information through a secure online portal.

3. Prepare for survey - schools need to choose from one of the terms below, when they would like to carry out the survey.

  • Summer term 2021 (registration required by 24/05/21)
  • Autumn term 2021 (registration required by 22/10/21)
  • Spring term 2022 (registration required by 25/02/22)
  • Summer term 2022 (registration required by 27/05/22)

4. Complete the survey - pupils complete it online and results are anonymous. We provide materials for introducing the survey to pupils who will participate and to staff members who will supervise pupils during the allocated survey period. 

5. Receive your report - our team aims to provide participating schools with their Wellbeing Measurement Report early in the subsequent term. This report will compare your school's data with aggregated data from other schools nationally.

For staff:

1. Inform staff about the survey – we provide guidance about how to do this. 

2. Share the survey with staff – we provide an online link to circulate electronically.

3. Receive your report – schools receive the report around four weeks after the survey closes.

How can your results be useful?

Your Wellbeing Measurement Pupil Report analyses the data from your school and compares it with data from other schools. The report provides a useful starting point for discussions about the wellbeing and experiences of pupils in your school.

It helps you to:

  • Consider areas of strength and/or helping pupils reflect on their positive qualities

  • Evaluate progress against targets in your School Improvement Plan and identify future proprieties

  • Understand context when considering academic data for these year groups.

Click here to see example of Pupil Report

Your Wellbeing Measurement Staff Report shows how staff may be feeling and how this compares with staff in other schools. It helps you to: 

  • Identify priorities for staff training

  • Understand how work may be affecting staff wellbeing 

  • Identify how best to support your staff team

How much does it cost?

Pupil Survey

The cost for the pupil survey is £300 + VAT per year group for Year Groups 4 - 6 and £400 + VAT per year group for Year Groups 7-11. This is per year group regardless of size or school setting, including the Wellbeing Measurement Report, which will evaluate and summarise data per year group.

Staff Survey

The Staff Survey costs £300 for primary schools, £400 for secondary schools and £400 for all-through schools. There is no limit to the number of staff who can be included in the survey. The Staff Survey can be completed alongside the Pupil Survey or on its own.

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What have schools told us about the programme?

Quotes WMFS.png

How do we get started?
  1. Decide how many year groups should take the survey and whether you want your staff members to participate in the survey too. 

  2. Go to our registration page and complete the form. As well as general information about your school such as name and address, you will be asked for specific information including your DfE number. You will also need to identify some school contacts and provide details for them. 

  3. When you completed your online registration, you will be asked to sign the School Agreement. The school agreement includes all the necessary information you require regarding data sharing and protection and the opt-out consent process.

  4. After signing the school agreement, we will ask you to make payment. Payment needs to be made by card. We will only be able to include your school once payment has been received.

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