Thanks for your interest in Wellbeing Measurement for Schools. 

We've created a webpage setting out the steps involved in participating in the programme. Please read this carefully here. 

To participate, please fill out our online registration form by clicking the link below. As well as general information about your school such as name and address, you will be asked for specific information including your DfE number. You will also need to identify some school contacts and provide details for them. Remember, the pupil surveys are available for years 4 to 11 and are designed for pupils in mainstream schools in the UK. You can view a copy of the school information registration here and of the survey information here.

To confirm your participation, we also require a signed school agreement and card payment from your school in order to complete the registration process. The school agreement includes all the necessary information you require regarding data protection and the consent process. This needs to be signed by someone in the school with appropriate authority, probably the Head Teacher, Deputy Head or equivalent. The agreement is signed electronically and this can be delegated to the appropriate person by email within the registration process. You can view a copy of the School Agreement here

Wellbeing Measurement for Schools aims to help schools to review and support the wellbeing of their pupils and staff, by providing schools and their partner organisations (e.g. local authorities, associated charities) with anonymised reports of survey findings and to carry out research into the use of wellbeing surveys in schools to support the wellbeing of pupils. The research is approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (reference number 6099/001).

Not a mainstream school? 

Please email if you are a college, PRU or Special School, international school or want a group of schools to participate.

Ready to register? 

1. Complete the registration form. This needs to be done by the main contact. 

Once this step is complete, the main contact must click 'FINISH'.

2. Signatory (Headteacher or other person with appropriate responsibility) will then receive an email request to continue the registration process by signing the school agreement. 

Once this step is complete, the signatory must click 'FINISH'. 

3. The payer (someone authorised with access to a school debit or credit card) will then receive an email request to complete the survey information and make payment and finally complete the registration process. 

Once this step is complete, the payer must click 'COMPLETE'. Main Contact, Signatory and Payer will receive an email confirmation of completion with a registration summary. The registration is only complete after payment has cleared.

I have read the steps for schools information

 I have the information ready to complete my registration form 

 I have identified a signatory 

 I have identified a payer 



19 Nov 2019

Introducing our service offer Wellbeing Measurement for Schools

A webinar for school staff who want to understand more about the mental health and wellbeing of pupils in their school. The webinar explains Wellbeing Measurement for Schools

  1. Find out how pupils in your school are feeling with a validated pupil survey that assesses their emotional wellbeing, mental health and resilience.
  2. Understand the wellbeing of your staff and how they feel about the support systems in school as well as their knowledge of mental health and wellbeing and confidence to support pupils.  
  3. Compare your data with data from children in other schools. Our analysis and reporting help you to identify successes and strengths as well as challenges and areas to develop further. 
Not sure yet if you should register? Join our free introductory webinar

FAQs Wellbeing Measurement for Schools

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Steps for Schools

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