CORC helps to ensure that individuals, teams and whole organisations are empowered to use evidence in their pursuit of more effective child-centred support, services and systems. Our work to support this includes:

  • Training practitioners, supervisors, service managers and commissioners
  • Working together with service providers to build capacity amongst their whole workforce to use evidence to improve support
  • Hosting national and regional knowledge-sharing events including conferences, seminars and round tables
  • Fostering an engaged and active community of practitioners who are experts in the realities of implementing outcome measures on the ground

CORC has over ten years’ experience bringing together theoretical knowledge on outcome measures and relating this to the insights and expertise developed by practitioners working with children and young people on the ground.

We currently have a range of training courses available on our Training and Events pages, which supports professionals from across the health, education and social care sectors to build their knowledge and expertise in using outcome measures and data to inform service improvement. In addition to these, a number of training videos have been developed for organisations to inform and support clinicians and others working with child mental health.

Throughout the year CORC and its partner organisations also host a number of events and workshops of interest to those working with children and young people’s mental health. These cover a range of topics, and in the past have included what we mean by a ‘good’ outcome, working with endings and how we should talk about recovery.

CORC members are invited to attend the CORC Members’ Forum, which provides a great opportunity for mental health professionals, service leads, commissioners and managers to come together and reflect on recent learning in the use of outcome measurement in child and adolescent mental health services. Forums include keynote speakers from across child mental health and wellbeing support services, as well as workshops, seminars and discussions on the development of routine outcome measurement and the CORC collaboration.


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24 Sep 2020

CORC Training Session: Sharing and managing your data

With regard to sharing data, there is sometimes a tension between efforts to increase the quality of services and improve outcomes by learning from data, and efforts to increase privacy. In terms of data management, organisations often want to improve the quality of their data to generate better information, but it’s challenging to invest time and resources into data systems and processes, particularly during times of financial pressure.

Good data management supports data sharing by providing clear information about data (e.g. its quality, representativeness, variable definitions, expectations of data subjects) and facilitating the processes that allow sharing (e.g. obtaining permissions, data validation, data de-identification).

Data sharing increases learning from data by allowing those with specialist expertise and/or different perspectives to analyse it, and by facilitating comparisons between services. Data sharing also reduces the costs and burden of data collection (e.g. by allowing data that has already been collected to be used instead of collecting it again).

Learning from data informs service improvement, because it provides evidence to test hypotheses and assumptions, and allows the effects of actions taken to be monitored. This is a means towards increasing the quality of services (e.g. safety, outcomes and/or experience of service users).

Including modules on:

  • Understanding the requirements and options for gathering and sharing data
  • Improving data quality

In relation to sharing outcome data, we hope the course will also provide an appreciation of the uncertainty that exists in the area, and thus how decisions can be made in the context of this uncertainty.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is aimed at an audience with a mixture of experience in the subject, including practitioners, service managers, commissioners and researchers. This includes those who work with data, or are interested in how data management can support service improvement.

The course would also be helpful to anyone involved in submitting or sharing data, e.g. with the CORC central team, Department for Education, NHS Digital, research teams.

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21 Nov 2019

CORC Members Forum November 2019

Sign up to the CORC Forum: Outcomes for All? Finding a common language for child and youth mental health, 21st November

The publication of a new national outcome metric for youth mental health is imminent. The implementation of Mental Health Support Teams is driving more outcome measurement in schools and colleges. The calls on mental health support are increasing and diversifying. Can our outcome measurement approaches answer this challenge?

We share young people’s responses to these developments, the latest position from NHS England, service innovation from our members, new CORC research, and learning from the international arena. Join our 2019 Forum to be inspired by advances in thinking and practice. Contribute to the debate, and to ensuring our evidence can support improved wellbeing for all children and young people.


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