CORC has worked with many organisations from the mental health sector to build awareness and knowledge-based capacity of their staff to be able to use outcome measures effectively. We can offer a range of training courses to suit the needs of your organisation or partnership, and work closely with you to develop a training programme which will be highly effective and applicable to the context in which the participants are working in.

"Fantastic course with knowledgeable trainers. I would benefit from any other learning CORC can offer!" Attendee, 2018 Training Programme

"Delivered clearly, easy to understand, facilitator had in depth knowledge and was able to answer our questions/queries, she had a good understanding of what our concerns might be and was prepared with explanations." Attendee, 2019 Training Programme

"Really helpful - I felt that some of clinical language was actually really useful for staff to try and see the process from a clinical level." Attendee, 2019 Training Programme

Depending on the needs and wishes of an organisation, CORC can deliver existing training courses (see here for the full 2020 Training Programme), or develop further courses which tailor the content specifically to the organisation being trained. Some examples of courses which can be delivered are:

  • Using outcome measures

  • Understanding data from outcome measures

  • Improving the use of measures in your organisation

  • Outcome measures in supervision

  • Talking endings with children and young people

  • Effective outcome-based commissioning

Developing tailored training

All CORC courses can be tailored for the specific needs of an organisation, or new courses can be developed for organisations based on established and tested tools and theory. Typically, a tailored course would be developed in consultation with the organisation and key personnel. CORC will research and review the organisation's current activity, available materials, objectives, challenges faces and specific skills needs. We will then be able to design a training course and accompanying material most appropriate to the needs of the participants and the organisation's objectives. For sections of the training which use case studies or role plays, material will be developed which either uses current examples of the organisation’s partnerships, or is adapted to ensure direct relevance to the participants work.

i found the training really useful, learned a lot and have things I can apply. Sitting with mainly all VCS groups, small organisations, the will to use and embed this work is there and we all recognised the advantage of it. The problem is, as always, capacity to do it. Great training though and excellent delivery. Thank you.

HeadStart Training in Kent

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